Week 10- Tags/Social Bookmarking

I’m a fan.  We set up a delicious account for the branch right before the move from IN to TW.  It was a way for us to access our favorites while we were during the time we were closed and traveling about the county helping out at other branches.  We’ve kept the account ‘fairly’ active […]

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Week 9 – Social Networking

For week 9 in our training we discussed Social Networking sites.  What is there really to add?  I’ve had a Facebook profile for a while now and at first I really enjoyed logging on and trying to find old friends that I’ve lost touch with.  Then I got swamped with requests from people I haven’t […]

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Week 7 – Wikis

For collaboration it doesn’t get much easier.  We’ve been using a wiki at work for a while.  We have used it to post all of the lesson plans and accompanying files for all of our computer classes.  (I actually added some filesand updated some others this morning…woohoo!)  There are many other things we are dong […]

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View From Desk

  View From Desk Originally uploaded by mwphillips75 This is my post for week 6 – Photos. I must admit that I am a big fan of photo sharing sites. I been using Flickr for a few months now and really enjoy the flexibility it offers. I can upload pictures from my computer and my […]

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Week 5 – Podcasting

Podcasting is something I have limited experience with.  My wife and I have set up some podcasts for our kids in iTunes (mostly They Might Be Giants Friday Night Podcasts for kids, some Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer).  I have listened to some very interesting lectures on the SirsiDynix Institute site and have viewed some interesting lectures by R. […]

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This week was the first  ‘catch up’ week of our library training.  A colleague and I have been available in the lab at my library yesterday and today to assist anyone.  We also had the lab at two of our other libraries open during the week.  While we haven’t had an abundance of people looking […]

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