Week 10- Tags/Social Bookmarking

I’m a fan.  We set up a delicious account for the branch right before the move from IN to TW.  It was a way for us to access our favorites while we were during the time we were closed and traveling about the county helping out at other branches.  We’ve kept the account ‘fairly’ active […]

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Week 7 – Wikis

For collaboration it doesn’t get much easier.  We’ve been using a wiki at work for a while.  We have used it to post all of the lesson plans and accompanying files for all of our computer classes.  (I actually added some filesand updated some others this morning…woohoo!)  There are many other things we are dong […]

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This week was the first  ‘catch up’ week of our library training.  A colleague and I have been available in the lab at my library yesterday and today to assist anyone.  We also had the lab at two of our other libraries open during the week.  While we haven’t had an abundance of people looking […]

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Week 2 – Blogs

The second week of traing at the library is blogs.  We have done what so many other library systems have done and are using blogs as a way to track the progress of our staff during the 2.0 training. It seems to be working. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the blogs everyone at my library has […]

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This is week one of my library’s staff development program.  I’m very excited and more than a little curious to see what everyone will do.  It is going to be interesting to see how the diverse staff will embrace the tools we are introducing to them.  Some people are quite savy while others are a […]

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So far…and it’s only been a day…things have been pretty positive. I’ve had many people say they liked our presentation and the video. I’m sure some are just being polite but there are many that I think mean it. I have heard that many people are excited about the training and are looking forward to […]

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Next week

Training day is NEXT WEEK and I think we are going to do great!  Our presentation is good, the movie we have been working on is almost finished (and pretty good I think) and we are going to have a few practices before the big day. The actual training program will not start until next […]

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