Great Quote

A very good quote and something to think about as I work at becoming a better librarian. Really. People will notice, though not necessarily consciously, if we take the time to think about them when we’re developing our services. The secret here is not to think of library patrons, users, or customers: we need to […]

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Revitalizing the User Experience

My notes from a Presentation given by Joan Frye Williams at the Library Of Virginia 9/17/2009. I was lucky to attend this presentation last Thursday and I here are my notes. They are quick and not comprehensive but are comments or ideas that made an impression on me. She made a lot of good points, […]

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Cross Reality and Libraries

My library system has recently added a committee called Futures and Trends.  It’s purpose is to: To recognize, review, and evaluate new or future trends in library service and communicate with Library Administration and related committees.  To consider feasibility, priority, and planning of new ideas for system wide needs that improve or enhance public service […]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

IMG_1496 Originally uploaded by mwphillips75 Had a good meeting today in preparation for our presentation for the big boss. Tomorrow we have our first run through with an audience and will receive critical feedback on where we can improve. We have another run through in a few weeks then the big show early in August. […]

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Big boss

Been reading A LOT lately about the use of online social networking tools (I just can’t use the term web 2.0…really I just can’t anymore…aren’t we past that? – And don’t even get me stated on Library 2.0!)  in relation to government use.  Not just libraries (there are TONS of articles about that!) but local, […]

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We think…

Helen Blowers has this on her blog and she mentioned it in her session at Computers in Libraries last week.  It’s an intriguing video about how we think about ourselves and how the web is shaping those thoughts.  Very thought provoking.  This was done by Charles Leadbeater. As I watched this video I kept asking myself […]

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New Strategies for Digital Natives

My first session of the day and I feel that it was a great way to begin.  Helen Blowers discussed some things that I have been reading/thinking about recently and her presentation helped get me focused on what I wanted to get from my day.  Unfortunately my notes do not do her presentation justice so I’ve embedded […]

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Library as Conversation

Last week I was able to watch an interesting lecture by R. David Lankes titled “Library as Conversation”.  He presented it at the Free Library of Philadelphia in 2007.  If you want to view all 1 hour 14 minutes of it click here. He makes many points about how libraries operate and how he thinks […]

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