History of the Internet Video

Got 8 Minutes?  Good.  Sit down and watch this video.  It’s a great (short) history of the internet.  Perfect for people like me who don’t know how it all started and are not IT professionals. Many thanks to ReadWriteWeb for directing me to this very informative video.

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Tag Galaxy

I really like Tag Galaxy. I read about it today in an article on readwriteweb.com about the top 10 alternative search engines (it’s number 10). It is a very interesting way to view photos on flicker!  I really like the way it shows how different tags are related. The disco ball is a very nice […]

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Facebook as way to track progress?

Could we use facebook as a way to track staff progress? Really… search engines don’t search it free allows comments has it’s own messaging system even has IM could set up a specific library training facebook page create groups post videos/pictures have discussions when everyone is done they can either keep or delete their profile […]

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