2010 = Year of Mobile

I saw this video over at GigaOm and wanted to put it here so I could find it quickly. It was done by the people at Mobile Future and offers a ton of statistics about how mobile technology has taken off over the past year. I had not heard of Mobile Future before but after spending […]

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Facebook Help

Facebook and it’s attitude toward our privacy is an issue that is really bothering me. I enjoy Facebook and have benefited from its service. I want to continue using it and probably will but I want to stay informed and inform others about how their changes in policies affect everyone who uses their services. I’m not terribly […]

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Location and Me

A few months ago I noticed a new (to me) thing happening a lot on Twitter. There were a lot of people broadcasting their location. It wasn’t like this didn’t happen already. I know plenty of people who used Twitter to tell people where they were. What was different about this new thing was that […]

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A lot of work to do

RreadWriteWeb’s interesting experience with Facebook Connect and frustrated Facebook users was an interesting example of how ‘ordinary’ people use the internet. Many of the commenters on the post didn’t actually read it. It’s an interesting bit about how Facebook and AOL are working together to integrate Facebook contacts into AOL instant messaging contacts. But that’s not what […]

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The dark side of the internet

Just read this article and am intrigued. Here are some quotes: “The darkweb”; “the deep web”; beneath “the surface web” – the metaphors alone make the internet feel suddenly more unfathomable and mysterious. Other terms circulate among those in the know: “darknet”, “invisible web”, “dark address space”, “murky address space”, “dirty address space”. Not all these […]

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Own your name?

Security Fix posted a good article about a possible dilemma people face with social sites.  In short it is this: Do you sign up with your preferred username so you “own” it even though you may not use the site, or do you not do anything and “run the risk” of someone taking your username and […]

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