(Re)Evaluating Things…

I read three things this morning that have me really (re)evaluating what I do, how I do it and why I do it. Not in a bad way. They just got the gears turning. They are: How People Change – David Brooks New Job Title: Innovation Catalyst Librarian – Andy Burkhardt Too Much Assessment Not […]

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Head in the Clouds

For the past 3-4 weeks I have been firmly rooted in detail and day-to-day issues that I haven’t allowed myself to look up and daydream. I am doing that today! My oldest daughter has been talking about college a lot lately which is funny since she just finished Kindergarten. I don’t bring it up. She […]

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Friday Reads – Busy Week Edition

This was quite the busy week. Lots of travel around the county and little time to read. No complaints from me. I like visiting the branches. I went to three branches to talk about our impending Summer Reading Clubs. To make it more palatable I brought cookies/cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches/drumsticks. Yeah. I know how […]

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Friday Reads – Free Edition

What is the price of free? Really. Very few things are truly free. There is always a cost to be paid. Whether it is giving a company some personal information, or doing some extra work there is always a cost associated with free. My library will be launching OverDrive in the next few weeks and […]

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Friday Reads – Rushed Edition

Not too much to report for this week. I’ve been thinking about other things. Family has been taking up most of my time and thoughts. Over the weekend I learned my grandmother has days left… To say that I’ve been incredibly sad doesn’t quite describe my feelings. I’m headed home to see her and be […]

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Friday Reads – Alumni Edition

Since this week was spring break for my kids I took the opportunity to take them south to visit my parents in North Carolina. It was a good trip. I always enjoy going home for a few days and spending time with my parents and grandmother. The girls love playing with their grandparents and generally […]

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Friday Reads – Pollen Edition

Two things on a pollen related note: We learned that my oldest daughter has basic pollen and mold allergies this week. Pollen levels have been pretty high in the Richmond area lately. That makes for an unhappy little girl. I guess we’ll help the good people at Claritin put their kids through college now… In professional […]

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