(Re)Evaluating Things…

I read three things this morning that have me really (re)evaluating what I do, how I do it and why I do it. Not in a bad way. They just got the gears turning. They are: How People Change – David Brooks New Job Title: Innovation Catalyst Librarian – Andy Burkhardt Too Much Assessment Not […]

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Do Statistics Matter?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently. I wish I could say yes or no. My answer, however, is yes and no. Like most organizations, my library has to justify its existence on a regular basis. We are always counting. Questions asked, items circulated, people walking through the door. You name it. We count it. It […]

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Friday Reads – Free Edition

What is the price of free? Really. Very few things are truly free. There is always a cost to be paid. Whether it is giving a company some personal information, or doing some extra work there is always a cost associated with free. My library will be launching OverDrive in the next few weeks and […]

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