Notes from 2012 LITA National Forum

I’ve finished writing up my notes from this year’s LITA National Forum (October 5-8). I don’t think they do justice to the amazingly smart people who presented. I’ve tried to include links to the speaker’s slides and any relevant links they mentioned. I’ve also grouped all of the available online slides and keynote presentations into one place so they should be […]

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My eBook Clinic Experience

I wrapped up my first round of eBook Clinics last night and it has been quite the experience. I went to all of the libraries in my library system (8) and over the past 4 weeks to try and help people in my community learn more about eBooks, eReaders and our digital collection. I think it […]

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Jack and the Wonder Beans!

Last Saturday I took my kids to a great Library program! Some students from Theatre VCU put on a great show at the Gayton Library. It was an Appalachian rendition of the classic fairy tale Jack and the Bean Stalk titled Jack and the Wonder Beans. They did a great job and all of the kids in attendance seemed to really […]

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Time Travel, History and Fun

Last Saturday the Department of Recreation and Parks hosted the first Hunt for Henrico History. The event was held at the Deep Run Recreation Center at Deep Run Park. Over 800 people came to the day-long event to learn more about the history of Henrico County. This was the kick off to a year long celebration of the […]

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Why I’m Optimistic

A few weeks ago I was asked by my boss to prepare a short presentation on change and libraries for the library’s staff development days in December. It’s been a great reason to read and really think about what I think libraries may be like in the not-too-distant-future. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by all […]

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New Library!

Last night my library opened a branch that had been closed for 16 months for renovation. The space doubled from 12,000 to 24,000 and has lots of new materials, computers, study rooms, and all sorts of other things. The reopening celebration was attended by over 1,000 people. (Not bad for a Monday night event) Many […]

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My new toys are here!

I’ve gotten all of my new toys! I received the iPad, Nook and Sony Reader today. I must say that I’m pretty giddy! It’s kinda like Christmas in October. My plans for a “Technology Petting Zoo” are taking shape. All I need to do now is get to know the devices better and schedule a […]

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My take on the eBook Summit – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1. The first break out session I attended was Ebook “What If’s”: Issues that Impact Scenario Planning with Bobbi Newman, Matt Hamilton, Sarah Houghton-Jan and Josh Hadro. This session asked three well respected technology librarians some “What If…” questions to see what they thought may happen. The first question […]

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