Friday Reads – Busy Week Edition

This was quite the busy week. Lots of travel around the county and little time to read. No complaints from me. I like visiting the branches. I went to three branches to talk about our impending Summer Reading Clubs. To make it more palatable I brought cookies/cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches/drumsticks. Yeah. I know how to make people come to a meeting.

My library is about to launch OverDrive and there has been lots of preparation for that. I’ve written a short ‘How to get your computer ready for OverDrive’ sheet for people. I hope it helps. I’ve also been tasked with being the point person for customer/staff education and troubleshooting once the site goes live. I know you’re jealous.

I’ve spent today getting everything ready for another Time Machine program featuring Mr. Chris. This time he’s kidnapping Richard Byrd. It’s for the Moving Henrico Forward: Air, Road, Rail and Water event at the Virginia Aviation Museum this Sunday. The guys did a great job of filming and I’m really looking forward to seeing the reaction from the kids.

On to the posts

Library Renewal is an organization worth watching. The people involved are smart and have a very good understanding of libraries and electronic content. I wish them luck and am willing to help if possible.

I like it when people not directly associated with libraries discuss libraries. I especially like it when technology reporters at great technology sites discuss libraries. This one talks about the Digital Public Library. Watch the video.

The e-G8 was this week and it seems to have been an interesting mix of people. It was held in Paris a few days before the G8. Called by the French President to discuss the internet and how it affects lots of different areas, it got some mixed reviews. I like this write up because the guy from EFF was not the typical attendee.

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