Friday Reads – Final Four Edition

First off. GO RAMS! My wife’s alma mater is in the Final Four! It would be sweet if they won it all! Even if they don’t they have energized the entire Richmond metro area. Kudos to them! It’s great exposure for a great school. Just two more wins!

Did I mention that we’ve almost got a contract signed for Boopsie? No? Well, it looks like things are moving fairly quickly (quickly being a relative term) for my library to begin working with Boopsie to provide mobile apps on all mobile platforms. I’m excited by this and hope it doesn’t get derailed somewhere. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

On to the links for the week!

Look! only 1.5 links about eBooks. I’m getting better…

If you read nothing else on the list for this week read this. It a great interview and Tim O’Reilly has interesting answers to good questions. He’s a very smart man and has an interesting philosophy on many things. His take on DRM is very interesting:

Let’s say my goal is to sell 10,000 copies of something. And let’s say that if by putting DRM in it I sell 10,000 copies and I make my money, and if by having no DRM 100,000 copies go into circulation and I still sell 10,000 copies. Which of those is the better outcome? I think having 100,000 in circulation and selling 10,000 is way better than having just the 10,000 that are paid for and nobody else benefits.

So, read this. It’s a little long but worth it.

Eric Landes does a great job of explaining the conundrum publishers are facing with eBooks. He makes a pretty sane recommendation for the pricing of eBooks. He doesn’t discuss libraries and that’s good because I’m interested in learning more about the publisher’s point of view.

This is a great use of Amazon and the Library. Too bad she couldn’t do this within the library’s catalog.

Lane Wilkinson provides a quick framework for understanding the term ‘literacy’. I admit that I am a bit confused by all of the different ‘literacies’ and am hesitant to embrace ‘transliteracy’. Maybe I’ll come around but I like this post as a primer for all of the ‘literacies’ out there.

Kansas City will partner with Google to deliver SUPER FAST internet service. It will be interesting to see how this works, if other communities get an opportunity to try it and how the big ISPs will react.

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