Links and Thoughts for the week

This week started with a bang! We’ve been discussing the pros and cons of allowing people to use apps like CardStar to borrow our stuff. The circulation committee discussed it in their last meeting and from what I’ve heard it was a rousing discussion. I’m for it but there is some concern about making sure the card number on the phone belongs to the person using it. I hope we figure out a way to allow the use of the app. It’s much too convenient and will only grow in popularity. I may have a longer post about this soon.

I was asked to do a presentation at the monthly Library Advisory Board yesterday. They wanted me to discuss our newest digital offering to the public, Freegal. We’ve been offering it for 4 weeks and they were interested in how it worked and what it did. The presentation went pretty well. They were receptive, asked good questions and were excited about it. They fed me too…which I will never complain about.

I didn’t have a lot of time to read this week but the links below are some posts that caught my attention and have gotten me thinking. Want to take these posts with you? Download them here.

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