Reading, Reading, Reading

I read a lot at work. It’s part of my job to keep up-to-date with library and technology news. I have been using Google Reader to keep up with my RSS feeds for years. I’ve developed a very long list of feeds and sometimes they can get a little overwhelming. So, this year I’ve decided to experiment with how I read the news and what I can do with the things I read.

For years I read via Google Reader only, but I recently discovered Feedly. It does a great job of making Google Reader look better. I really like the look of it. I guess it’s because it incorporates pictures very well. When I’m at home I use Flipboard on the iPad. The integration with Google Reader is simply awesome. I like it a lot.

Another tool I use for reading is Instapaper. It is my tool of choice for saving things for later. It has a great iPhone and iPad app that I use to read posts/articles I want to give more attention to. A nice thing Instapaper does is allow you to create folders. You can do more than organize content with the folders. You can download them to read on your eReader. They have options for Kindle (.mobi) and Nook, Kobo etc (.epub). It’s a very nice feature! You can also create a printable page if you like.

Because I read so much I sometimes forget what I’ve read. So this year I’m going to experiment with producing a little weekly digest of (what I think are) the best posts/articles I’ve read. I’m doing this for 3 reasons:

  1. Find things later
  2. Demonstrate some value to my time spent reading
  3. Pass along good blog posts and newspaper/magazine articles.

My original idea was to pass this reading list on to my boss and other coworkers but the more I thought about it I figured I’d post it here. Who knows, someone may get some value out of it. I’m using for distribution because WordPress won’t let me upload .mobi or.epub files. This is my first attempt so it will improve. I like the idea so I’ll probably keep at it for a while.

Feel free to download my very first Weekly Reading List. It’s available in .pdf, .epub. or .mobi.

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