2010 = Year of Mobile

I saw this video over at GigaOm and wanted to put it here so I could find it quickly.

It was done by the people at Mobile Future and offers a ton of statistics about how mobile technology has taken off over the past year. I had not heard of Mobile Future before but after spending some time on their site I think I’ll be spending some time learning more from them. I may even download their iPhone app.

Lots of good stuff there. I had no idea it grew so much! I knew it was growing but not to that extent.

2 thoughts on “2010 = Year of Mobile

  1. The videos are great. I especially liked the instruction on
    opening a book!! Funny and it is a neat way to show how we need not
    be afraid of trying new things while using the computer. I’m glad
    you are there to keep looking at the direction our libraries need
    to go.

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