Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

This is a race weekend here in Richmond so today we did what we always do on a race weekend; try to stay as far away from the race track and do something outside with the kids. Today’s outing was to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. This is always a fun thing for us. The girls enjoy all the flowers and the Children’s Garden and my wife and I Iike watching them have fun in a beautiful environment.

Today we had the unexpected bonus of the Spring Plant Sale to enjoy. While we didn’t purchase anything we did enjoy looking at some of the different varieties of things for sale. Maybe next year…

We did have a great time in the gardens! Instead of going straight to the Children’s Garden we took the long way and saw a part of the garden we haven’t seen before. I don’t know the official name of that section of the garden but I’m going to call it the wooded/tranquil section because that describes it very well. There are lots of trees for shade and small streams running through the area. It is very peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed all the varieties of rhododendron (I’m a sucker for rhododendron) and the girls really liked the streams. The youngest kept wanting to throw leaves in the water and the oldest wanted to swim.

We did get to the Children’s Garden eventually and had a good time. We forgot to pack the girl’s swimsuits so the water area  caused a bit of strife but we promised to let them play next time.  They did get to climb the tree, play in the sand, play in all the houses and pick up some free pinwheels! We had a nice lunch in the picnic area and played some more. By the time it was time to go home everyone was ready. We were all tired and ready for rest/nap time. I know we’ll be visiting there again many times this summer.

I’ve included some pictures below of some of the interesting and pretty things we saw.

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