What’s Hot in RSS

Steven Cohen is the senior librarian at Law Library Management but I am more familiar with him through the site he runs called Library Stuff. I’ve been subscribing to his RSS feed for a few years and find it very helpful in helping me keep current in library trends. I was really torn between attending this session and attending the session on Mobile Tips and Practices. I’m glad I attended this one because I was able to learn some new things. He was a very entertaining speaker and if it weren’t for some technological difficulties I think his presentations would have been one of my favorites. He spent the bulk of this session going over some of the RSS tips and tricks he uses. He has created quite an arsenal of RSS tricks. Luckily, he posted most of his links and things he mentioned in his presentation on his site. I’m glad he did. I’ll be referring to it for a while to see what I can use. I highly encourage you to take a look at it.

So, on to some notes:

Is RSS dead because of Twitter or Facebook? He thinks not. RSS is still a very useful tool and it can really help us stay up-to-date with lots of different fields of interest.

He loves Google and Google reader. I use Google reader and like it a lot also. I don’t subscribe to nearly as many feeds as he does but I’m ok with that.

  • Google reader will check for updates for sites that doesn’t have an rss feed.
    • You can put anything in there now.
  • Check the ‘send to’ button-can send to many different platforms like twitter.

He showed a way to get the iPhone view to show up as a side bar in Firefox. I have adopted this to work in Opera. I think this will come in handy.

Fliptop looks like something I may be interested in. I’ll check it out soon.

The YouTube custom feed he demonstrated works pretty well. I have adjusted it to look for anything Henrico. It’s mostly real estate listings but there are some other things also. This could be very entertaining.

I also set up a custom feed for mentions of Henrico County in the New York Times he mentioned. We will see what happens with that.

I have to admit that I did cut out a bit early so I could see some of the other session…apologies Steven…please forgive me. I didn’t take notes on that other session because I had to stand out in the hall…oh well. Luckily one of our web designers attended the entire session!

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