Lee Rainie – Keynote

Monday began with a keynote speech by Lee RainieDirector Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Here is a good link about his keynote. Here is a link to the actual keynote address.

I enjoyed his presentation and tried to get as much down as possible but couldn’t get everything…not even close.

So here goes:

An interesting axiom he mentioned (that I probably will get wrong here) was “Technology is something that is given with two hands. It is given as a gift with one and stabs you in the back with the other.”

He quoted some statistics from a few Pew studies. One of which really stuck out out to me. It was that minorities and low income people/families are more likely to use handheld devices to access the internet. I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to get to work on that mobile library site sooner rather than later.

He discussed the four classes of content creators on the internet.

  • Techno-elites
    • scientific method enshrined
    • openness
    • peer review
  • Hackers
    • free speech in the computer age
    • freedom to create (and two other things I missed)
  • Virtual Communities
    • horizontal free communities
    • primacy of self-directing networks
  • Entrepreneurs
    • tech know-how

He then added what he thought of as a 5th. The Networked Creators. These people democratized the voices in the media and challenged traditional media gatekeepers. They inserted themselves in ‘expert’ affairs and enhanced their civic and community roles. Once you become a networked creator yo become more involve in your culture. You have a stake in that culture.

There are four ways networked creators build communities

  • They produce content that helps them expand their network and increase their social standing
    • negotiating friendships, status and identity
    • creating spaces for building social networking
  • Produce content to create social posses to solve problems
    • fact checking and transparency
    • crowd sourcing wisdom, especially among strangers with a common interest
    • production and accumulation of evidence
  • I missed it 😦  It was something about building just like me communities for information and support. He used an example of a cancer survivor who created an online space where other people with her rare form of cancer could come for information and to connect with other similar people.
  • Produce content unlike traditional news. Social media as the 5th estate.
    • the coverage of news can be totally different (different priorities and interests)
    • linking to other sites is the currency of social media
    • some stuff is just quirky and off beat
    • cultural and social issues are more common than economics in social media

What are the implications for libraries? We can:

  • Be a node in people’s network and help them:
    • seek information
    • solve problems
    • meet their needs
  • Help teach new literacies
    • screen literacies (how web sites are laid out and what icons mean)
    • navigation literacy (how to get around on the web)
    • connection and context
    • skepticism
    • value of contemplative time (unplug)
    • how to create content
    • ethical behavior
  • Need to re-vision our role in a world where much has changed
    • create multiple platforms for multiple people and maintain those platforms
      • this doesn’t mean online platforms – we have to continue to serve the  people the way we always have while developing new ways
    • how we access information

Well, that’s all the notes for Mr Rainie I’ve got. I will hopefully be able to find  people who took better notes and fill in some of the gaps in mine. I will also link to other people’s posts as I find them.

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