It’s been two weeks since I’ve started my new job and I’ve been busy. While we haven’t really started our social media push I believe I’m laying the groundwork for a successful launch in the near future.

What’s been keeping me busy? A project that landed on my desk the Friday before I started. The county I live in and work for is celebrating it’s 400th anniversary next year. Part of the celebration is honoring as many notable/famous people that were born or lived here. Some of the librarians have been compiling names and writing summaries about these people for a while. Right before I started it was decided to open it up to a wider pool of submitters. So, on my first day I was asked to help figure out a way we could make it easy for people to submit names of people we may have missed. I used zoho to build a form that we could embed on our website. Thanks to the smart people at zoho it was super easy. We’ve got the form on our site and it’s available for general government and county school employees to submit names. That was the easy part.

The part that been keeping me busy has been phase two. It was decided that we would be better served if we took our current list (in Excel) and make it an Access database. I think it will be much better and will benefit us greatly as the list of names grows. The thing is…I’ve never made an Access database before. So I took this opportunity to do just that. I’m glad I did. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I had a lot of help and I think I’ve made a pretty good database. We’ve got it set up on a shared network drive so each member of the committee that is working on this project can update the database easily from his/her computer. I’m happily surprised. I just hope it will continue to work.

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