New Chapter

Hot damn! Today I begin a new chapter in my (not terribly) short career.

I no longer work for just one branch but for every library in my county. I have an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and library services to see how they can help my library.

I got an email from my new boss last week. She mentioned that she was eager for me to begin leading the library in this new area of service. I’ve never thought of myself as leading anything. Maybe I should.

Do I know exactly what I’ll be doing? No. Is that a good thing? Absolutely. I’m extremely excited. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while.

4 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. Whip that library into shape! You need to watch Glengarry Glenross “Coffee’s for Closers” speech a dozen times. 🙂

  2. “Leading” is a good word for it; I think it’s in you! I took a leadership class through county HR a couple of weeks ago: if you get a change to take one with Terrie Glass, I recommend you do.

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