Now for something completely different*

In two weeks I’ll have a new job and a new title. Emerging Technologies Librarian. Sweet huh? What does my new title mean? I’m not exactly sure and that ‘s the best part. While I have a good idea of what I’ll be doing there is a good bit that I get to make up as I go. It’s a new position for my Library so no one really knows what to expect.

I’m excited to begin this new job and a bit (to put it lightly) nervous. I’ll miss my current job and all of the people I work with but this opportunity is just too good to pass up. Besides, its not like I’m moving away.

Part of what I’ll be doing is expanding the Library’s online presence with social networking sites (twitter, Facebook etc) so I’ll be tweeting and using Facebook for the Library soon. But that’s just one part of what I’ll be doing. A big part of what I’ll do is keep an eye out for new tools the Library can use to connect with the community.

That brings me to what I see as my most important duty. Connecting with the community. I’m a fan of twitter, Facebook etc. but they are just tools for connecting with people. They enable conversation. Conversation is what we need. We need to talk to our community and find out what they want from their library. This is not going to be an easy project. It will not have a specific end point. I will be working on this until I retire.

*I wanted to use a Monty Python clip but I’m unsure of copyright and I really don’t want to anger those guys.

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