Luckiest People On the Planet

Just read a great post Library Alchemy! It’s the first in a series of the August Wilson Leadership Academy (Patent Pending). She reviewed and discussed Susan Scott’s Fierce Leadership. The book sounds like something I’d like to read. But the best part of the post is near the end when she gets into the discussion. Below is my favorite quote:

We are not corporate, in the sense that what we do is not about engendering profits.  Success, in our realm, is measured in lives changed, via refdesk ticks, the number of people at our programs, the number of database accesses, etc.  Those metrics speak to supporting democracy and transforming society.  We are the luckiest freaking people on the planet, because we don’t just crank out widgets.  We don’t pollute the environment, either – in fact, whenever we do our jobs, the world is generally a better place than we found it.

January AWLA (PP) Pick: Fierce Leadership « Library Alchemy.

All I can say is “Amen!” I need to do a better job at remembering that being a Librarian is a unique and noble career. Where else can I help people from all walks of life with a vast array of information needs on a daily basis? What other job actually encourages me to learn something new EVERY DAY? I, as a Librarian, have these opportunities. It is up to me to take advantage of the offerings my profession provides.

It is easy to sit back and let the day-to-day little stuff get us down. I know it gets me more often than I’d like to admit. But every now and then I get to help someone at the precise moment when he/she is in need of a little extra boost and that little boost gives him/her the insight or the added piece of a puzzle that solves the problem they have been working on. Those are the times when I remember why I chose this profession and why I’m happy I did.

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