The Road Ahead

In August I was part of a team that educated our County Manager about social media and some of the tools associated with it. The presentation went very well and he was very receptive to everything we covered. Everyone involved has every right to be proud that the time and effort we put into it.

Our educational achievement has begun to bear fruit…just not for us…yet. Since our presentation three county agencies have set up twitter accounts. It’s a start, I’m hoping more agencies will begin reaching out to the community via social media soon! I’m not saying that we were THE reason but our time with the County Manager surely didn’t hurt.

Since the day of the presentation I’ve been helping draft a social media policy and guidelines for staff use once we get started. I believe it’s good that we are taking our time and doing things right. When we start I want to hit the ground running and not worry about what we can/should do. By taking the time to think through a policy and guidelines we are setting ourselves up to make our foray into social media easier and successful. Some may not agree, that’s ok, it’s the way things are.

Last week I learned that we get to give the presentation again…twice. The next time is November 5th for my favorite Deputy County Manager and some of the department heads that report to him. Kinda nervous about this one because IT and PR are two of those departments. We’ll survive. The second encore will be a ‘lite’ version for ALL of the county department heads. Yep…all of them. That will be fun. Luckily it will be a 30 minute version not the hour + original. I’m eager to do these presentations and believe we will do a great job. My biggest hope is that we do well and educate other county leaders about the potential of social media. This is a great opportunity for the library to impress other county agencies…I hope we do.

So, the next few months will be exciting and nerve racking. I should probably stock up on antacids and ginger ale now.

6 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Great Post, Beta Librarian!. Thanks for your leadership as the county finds its way through the miasma of social media. Sometimes we forget that there are plenty of people out there that are still not sold on the benefits of web 2.0!

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