Computer Lab before class
Computer lab before class

I taught a class today that we call “Working with Windows”. It’s a basic class that is designed to teach people the basics of working with a computer. We cover opening programs (Word), saving files, deleting files, copying/pasting, right-clicking and using the internet.    These are things that I, you, most people who use a computer a lot do without thinking.  But to the people who take this class the things we cover are completely new and a little intimidating.  Luckily I had a very responsive group and everyone was asking questions and generally enjoying themselves.  It was more like a two hour convesation than a “class”.  

I haven’t taught this class in over a year and I was a little nervous about it.  I’m always a bit nervous before teaching a class but like Tony Bennett (or was it Frank Sinatra) said “If you’re not a little nervous before a performance you don’t care.”  

I usually teach one of our program specific classes (Word, Excel, Publisher) and have somehow “gotten out of” teaching this class.  Those classes are pretty easy to teach.  You focus on a few specific aspects of a program and tell the class how to do it.  With this class there is sooo much you can discuss.  I’m very grateful to my friends who wrote up the lesson plan as something to go by.  I pretty much used the plan as a jumping off point.  

I may have to teach a few more of these basic classes.  It’s fantastic to see a room full of adults learn something new, watch them grasp the concept and get excited about what they just learned!  

Computer lab before class
Computer lab before class

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