Changing site

In the spirit of my last post I’ve been having a conversation with myself about purchasing my own domain.  I’ve checked and is available and wordpress makes it very easy to purchase a domain.  

My sticking point is: do I really need my own domain?  

Seriously, I’m lucky to get 5 hits a day.   That amount of traffic doesn’t really necessitate a personal domain, does it?  I’m a total amateur and my stuff isn’t anything groundbreaking or innovative.

On the other hand, it does look better to have a personal domain and if I really want to own my on-line presence I should be willing to put a little cash down to do it.  Right?  I guess I could look at it as an investment in my career.  If I ever have to look for another job (hopefully I will not) I will have one place to direct future employers for information about me, what I’ve been doing and my thoughts on various things.

Is it worth $15 a year?

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