Own your name?

Security Fix posted a good article about a possible dilemma people face with social sites.  In short it is this: Do you sign up with your preferred username so you “own” it even though you may not use the site, or do you not do anything and “run the risk” of someone taking your username and possibly using it to make you look bad.  

I understand the argument that says: Why set them up if you are not going to use them?   If you don’t use the social web too much then it doesn’t make sense to sign up for a lot of sites you won’t use.

I’m of the opinion that if a service looks like something I may use then I will sign up for it.  That way I know I’ve got the name I like to use.  I don’t go to every site but I do have my username set for most of the larger ones.  I’ve been pretty lucky so far that I’ve been able to get my preferred username.

Here are some sites that will check your username for availability at many different social sites:




–By the way. Security Fix is one of the best blogs for information on internet security.  Brian Krebs does a good job of making sense of technical issues and I really enjoy reading his stuff.

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