Week 10- Tags/Social Bookmarking


I’m a fan.  We set up a delicious account for the branch right before the move from IN to TW.  It was a way for us to access our favorites while we were during the time we were closed and traveling about the county helping out at other branches.  We’ve kept the account ‘fairly’ active although I don’t update it as much as I’d like.  We try to keep it small and link to portals instead of specific pages within a site.  The thought is: “We’re librarians, we can find the information, just give us the search screen.”  It seems to work.

We experimented with the bundeling option but decided we liked the tag cloud better than a more organized list.  For us it just works better.  The reason is because our tags are broad descriptors and we don’t use that many of them.

I think using a site like delicious would be a great way to create pathfinders/annotated bibliographies of websites for our patrons.  It could be used in addition to the list of sites we post on our main site.  It’s flexible and can be kept up-to-date by staff at each branch.  Each branch can make their delicious account relevant to their community.  I know that some people may say, “Why put my favorites on line?  I can access them on the computer at work.”  That’s fair.  But I don’t think reference has to stop at the door of the library.  If we do a good job of creating an online locally themed delicious account it will be something the community will use often.  It could be one of the first places people go for an organized roster of local information.  The library is the perfect for this. We know our community, we know good sources, we can organize.

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