Week 9 – Social Networking

For week 9 in our training we discussed Social Networking sites.  What is there really to add?  I’ve had a Facebook profile for a while now and at first I really enjoyed logging on and trying to find old friends that I’ve lost touch with.  Then I got swamped with requests from people I haven’t even thought about in 15 years!  I had no idea I was so popular.  

Seriously, I think Facebook and other networking sites are a good way to reconnect with people.  Once success I’ve had with Facebook is that I’ve gotten to know my cousin and his wife much better.  I rarely had a reason to keep in touch with them before and now I realize that we have much more in common than I thought.   

I don’t participate in it as much now because I just don’t feel like checking in.  I’ll post things every so often just so the people I’m ‘friends’ with don’t think I’ve fallen off the planet.

Social networks aren’t for everyone…you know who you are.  I think there is a certain level of effort you have to make to enjoy them.  You can’t just set up an account and leave it alone.  If you really want to enjoy the network you have to be willing to put in some time and try to connect with the people out there.  

Do I see a way libraries can use Facebook?  I think so but it isn’t an easy thing to do…well.  What would be the benefit of setting up a social network profile?  What could our users get from there that they can’t get from our website?  A good example of a library Facebook page is the Topeka & Shawnee County Libray.  (They haven’t updated it in a few weeks though)  Roanoke City library is doing a good job of using their Facebook page to advertise upcoming events and highlight them once they are done.  Hurray Roanoke!

Do I like social networking sites?  Yes.  Do I think my library should use them?  I don’t know.

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