We think…

Helen Blowers has this on her blog and she mentioned it in her session at Computers in Libraries last week.  It’s an intriguing video about how we think about ourselves and how the web is shaping those thoughts.  Very thought provoking.  This was done by Charles Leadbeater.

As I watched this video I kept asking myself  “where does the library fit in to this?”  One point sticks out for me.  At about the minute mark the statement is made:

New ideas usually come through conversations…and the web is a mass of conversations

This fits with some ideas being promoted by R. David Lankes and the Participatory model of Librarianship.  

Here’s an idea: if we are facilitators of knowledge we should do our best to encourage our community to use us to find and share new ideas because it is through the sharing of ideas that new knowledge is created.  

How to do that?  I’m unsure but a step we can take is to continue to provide

  • space for people to meet
  • access to information
  • a means for people to create

Any others?

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