New Strategies for Digital Natives

My first session of the day and I feel that it was a great way to begin.  Helen Blowers discussed some things that I have been reading/thinking about recently and her presentation helped get me focused on what I wanted to get from my day.  Unfortunately my notes do not do her presentation justice so I’ve embedded her slideshow here.

What is a digital native?  Anyone born after 1980

            There have always been computers, cell phones, and internet 

Digital Pioneers/Digital Immigrants = anyone born before 1980 

Web 1.0 = Find –>  Built on accessing information

Web 2.0 = Connect –> The ability to engage and share information 

We don’t (shouldn’t) chase information anymore; we have the ability to make it come to us (RSS) 

Engagement is the web now 

9 Digital Native Realities

Digital Identity

For many Digital Natives their online ID is the same as their ‘real’ ID.

Their digital identity is how they influence their authority online

“We leave our digital footprints out there to be discovered” 

Digital Creativity

The ability to create and leave your imprint.

Content Creation 

Digital Information Quality

There is a shift from authoritative control to collaborative control

How do we enable our information to get to the users?

Encyclopedia Britannica has recently added a wiki layer so users can do some editing. 

Digital Safety

DNs have grown up in a ‘safe’ world

Only .08% have actually met someone in person that they met online

DNs are smart, they know how to judge safety 

Digital Opportunity

The world is more accessable


            There are no barriers

            Playing field is leveled

            Access in universal

            Connection is ubiquitous

            All about me

                                    = Opportunites

Digital Piracy

Is sharing piracy?

There is influence through sharing

DNs come from a world of creative commons (copying and remixing are ways to create and make new things from other things)

Digital Privacy

There is none

Life streaming

Digital Advocacy

The voice you create can make a difference

Creating their leadership potential 

What does this mean for libraries? 

What elements need to be present in order for our strategies to support our users? 

Engagement –> How –>  Enable customers to connect with library and each other

            (People want to feel connected) 

Enrich –>  Provide a rich online experience that enhances their local branch & lives

            We want people to feel they are getting value 

Empower –> Personalize & add value to their library experience & celebrate themselves

            Want people to feel good about themselves 

When considering a new tool or service (especially online) we should ask the following questions

Does ___ engage/enrich/empower our users?

How does ___ engage/enrich/empower our users? 

We should look for tools that meet the needs of Digital Natives.  

I really enjoyed this session and wish I could remember everything she said.  This is a relevant  discussion for libraries and as we move forward in librayland we should consider the Digital Native more and more.  Not only with our online presence but with what we offer in our facilities.  

Some other good notes on this session can be found at these sites:

Hurst Associates

Wired Librarian

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