Evaluating, Recommending & Justifying 2.0 Tools

Marydee Ojala was the presenter at this wildly popular session.  There were no empty seats and people were standing in the back for this one!  I guess that means it’s something that a lot of people want to have strategies for. 

She discussed many different things and I know I missed a lot when taking my notes.  Luckily,  her presentation can be accessed here. 

The session began by highlighting what she planned going to discuss:

  • New Technologies
  • Evaluating, Recommending and Justifying
  • Building a business case for the new tools

2.0 = empowerment, sharing, communicating

  •  Social median & networking are interchangeable

Magazines & papers are adding things to their websites that won’t show up in archival versions (reporter’s blogs, comments on articles etc)

Social media as research (missed some of this)

  • Realtime & more

Does management really appreciate the power of social?

Does Staff?

Do you?

Personal use vs professional

  • Keep your personal life out of your worklife


  • Would you ‘SuperPoke’ your boss?
  • Post something derogatory about a coworker/customer on any social media?

Social in a business setting

  • Guidelines not that different from technology before

Why add social tools?

  • Customer expectations
  • Marketing the organization
  • Product promotion (OPAC, new materials)
  • Transmitting/sharing information
  • Learning from others
  • Reputation management


  • Get outside your comfort zone
  • It isn’t just a library decision
  • Opportunity to join a larger conversation


  • What problem does it solve?
    • Should solve problems not produce them
    • What’s the problem?
    • What’s the best solution?
    • What’s the best product?
      • How well does it solve the problem?
      • Does it work as advertised
      • Will it survive?
      • Is there tech support?  Is it good?
      • Who owns the data?
  • Common Objections
    • Social is a waste of time
    • Invasion of privacy
    • Opens us up to security violations
    • Could give away secrets
    • Just a fad…get over it

The objections are NOT trivial

  • Don’t be quick to label people ‘luddites’
  • Some are real & serious concerns
    • Got to come up with real/serious reasons you want ___ tool

Try using the phrase “Yes…and” instead of “Yes…but” when discussing objections. 

Counter Arguments

  • Need to be constructed with understanding that the objections are valid
  • What are the technical ramifications?

Who are the stakeholders in implementing new technologies?

  • IT (can be either enthusiastic or paranoid)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR (concerned about employee privacy)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Top Management

All the stakeholders have a different worldview.

Making the Business Case

  • Align with goals
  • How do decisions get made?
  • Build a case based on outcomes
  • Anecdotes vs. statistics (depends on your audience)
  • Tailor your arguments
  • Your timing can be very important
  • Understand the internal decision making process

Money implications

  • Free stuff costs – staff time, training, upkeep etc.


  • Know your audience
    • How do they want information delivered?
  • Start with benefits
  • Problems = Solutions

There are some things you may be able to do with out having to get ‘approval’ from management.  If you try this make sure they know about it. 

How do you measure success?

Have a good reason to want this new thing…just because it is cool does not cut it!

NO Tinselware!!!!

Other notes can be found at these sites:

Library Trainer

The Analog Divide

David Lee King

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