Week 5 – Podcasting


Podcasting is something I have limited experience with.  My wife and I have set up some podcasts for our kids in iTunes (mostly They Might Be Giants Friday Night Podcasts for kids, some Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer).  I have listened to some very interesting lectures on the SirsiDynix Institute site and have viewed some interesting lectures by R. David Lankes.  I have enjoyed them all and one day maybe I’ll make my own but for now I’m happy to just watch.

I think the library could use this to really extend the reach of our programs and storytimes.   Because library events are generally only happen once the people who are unable to attend miss them.  By recording and making these events available online more people will be able to see them.  

Don’t we want people to see the things we do?  

Many people who have completed this section of the training have very good ideas that would make great library podcasts.  I’m all for anything that gets our library out there and showcases the talented people that work here. 

There are many public  libraries doing podcasts now (here’s a list).  Can we?  Please?

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