Week 4 – Twitter/Play

This is week 4 and for this week everyone has the option of exploring twitter and/or catching up on the previous week’s exercises.

I’ve been using twitter for a few months and enjoy it.  I was one of the many people who panned the service as narcissistic and pointless until I actually tried it.  I’ve found that it is useful, informative and (dare I say it?) fun.  

I use it more for a news service/rss reader than for broadcasting the minutiae of my life.  The trick I’ve found is to follow interesting people and websites.  There are many librarians I follow, a few technology sites, local news, and any of my friends that have signed up.

I also use it to pass along interesting information to the people who follow me.  If I find an interesting article somewhere I’ll post a link to it on my twitter account and hopefully someone will find it useful.  The things I post don’t really warrant a blog post but are things I want to tell others about.

It definately isn’t for everyone, but what is?  The value of twitter for me is the ability to connect with and learn from other librarians, and see what my friends find interesting.  

On to playing!  I’ll be in the lab here on Wednesday and Thursday if anyone needs any assistance with the things we’ve covered so far.

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