3279874458_9bb6f311ab_bThis is week one of my library’s staff development program.  I’m very excited and more than a little curious to see what everyone will do.  It is going to be interesting to see how the diverse staff will embrace the tools we are introducing to them.  Some people are quite savy while others are a little less so.  I’m looking forward to helping the less so and seeing what the more savy cook up.

The theme for week one is Lifelong Learning.  It’s a great way to start this learning experience!  Because of this I’ve been thinking about what the concept of lifelong learning means to me.  I think I can sum it up in one word: curiosity.  Curiosity can lead you to learn new things that you may not have thought interesting before.  

Curiosity is one of the reasons I love my job.   Being a librarian gives me the opportunity to learn new things everyday.  If I don’t know something…I look it up!  I can explore different ideas, search for facts, and read up on the latest and greatest while still being available to help people.  

I learn so much just by helping the people who visit the library.  The questions they ask and the answers I help them find are consistently expanding my knowledge and skills.

So I hope the people in my library will be curious about the training,  we keep techinical glitches to a minimum, and everyone is able to take something positive away from the experience.  

Just Twelve More Weeks!

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