Save The Words

While reading my feeds today I found a wonderful new site!  

Lifehacker pointed me to  This is a site dedicated to keeping words from being booted out of the Oxford Dictionary.  

Every year the editors of the Oxford Dictionary add and drop words from their dictionary.  Words are dropped to make room for newer words.  Which words are dropped are decided by how frequently they are used.  So the idea behind is to encourage people to use some of the seldom used words of the english language.  Once you sign up with the site, and find a word you want to ‘adopt’  you are emailed a certificate of adoption where you promise to use the word you have adopted.  

So in an effort to keep a word in the dictionary, here goes:

I wish I had more essomenic knowledge of libraries.

3 thoughts on “Save The Words

    1. Thanks for checking it out! It does look like it is down but hopefully only temporary. My essomenic abilities are pretty poor.

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