Participatory Librarianship Characteristics

In my haste to post yesterday about Participatory Librarianship I neglected to mention some of its characteristics. According to what I watched yesterday by David Lankes they are:

  1. Collection of services (acess to the collection)
  2. Allow for user supplied organization (tags and more)
    • provide the means for users to reorder and restructure information in a way that makes sense to them
  3. Provides tools for content creation
    • allow users to build on original content, make derivitaves and add new content
  4. Provides conversation that match the norms of the community
    • have space available for users to communicate 
    • our system needs to let them converse about what they find
  5. Go where the conversation is

He explaines these very well in his video and I tried to take notes but I couldn’t really keep up.  I will watch it again.  There is so much to learn!

Now I’m listening to a lecture he gave at the Free Library of Philadelphia (I think) that is part of the Participatory Librarianship Starter Kit.

Fascinating stuff!

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