Library Labs

An idea I believe that can serve public libraries well is a “library lab”.  This is a concept I read about last month here and here have been thinking about since.

A definition from the article:

Library web labs list new and experimental services offered by the library—usually though not necessarily web-based—and offer ways for patrons to try them and, more importantly, offer feedback. The library can then use that feedback to improve the service before its “official” release.

Some of the libraries who are using labs to experiment with new ideas are listed on my Library Labs page.  I’ll add more as I see them.

This really is an idea that I can get behind.  Trying new things, letting the public test it and seeing what works should benefit all of us.  The library has the opportunity to showcase it’s ideas, knowledge, skill, and creativity.  The public is able to try new services, help refine them and really contribute to the development of the library.

I would LOVE to be apart of something like this at my library.  I wonder what it would take to get HQ to try this idea out?

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