“Pro” Library Account

I have an idea that may help some libraries during times of budget cuts.   It hasn’t been thoroughly thought out but I want to put it out there to see what others think.

My idea is that a library could create a ‘Pro’ account much like many internet services do (flickr, vimeo, etc).   It could cost 5-15$ per year and it would include:

  1. Extended loan times on library materials (from 4 weeks to 5)
  2. Extended computer time (from 2 hrs to 2.5/3 hrs)
  3. Money added to a printing account (2$ or so)

This is just an idea.  All comments are welcome.  Does anyone think something like this could work?  Anything else a library could include?

2 thoughts on ““Pro” Library Account

  1. I disagree with the concept of patrons essentially buying services/privileges that other patrons may not be able to afford. The library is the great equalizer.

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