Downloading Kidzui to see if my 4 year old will enjoy it. So far we have her set up on a firefox browser with the speed dial addon with two choices (nickjr and pbskids) and she likes it. But…she’s growing and may want to explore more. From what I’ve read about kidzui from lifehacker it seems like a pretty good introduction to the internet for young kids. 

We will see.

2 thoughts on “Kidzui

  1. Hi,
    stumbled over your post through Google (ain’t we all ;-))

    You got me cause you mentioned you’re (and you’re 4 yrs old) used to a set list using Firefox.

    I just wondered why you choose Kidzui over the Firefox recommended Glubble add-on? I’m asking cause we did a lot of research on the web for our daughter (6) and found this free add-on to be the best fit to our needs. (my husband is in the industry and he favors FF).

    However Glubble is a simple add-on for Firefox with tons of features and allows our daughter pretty much the best web experience as we could wish her to have.

    We tried Kidzui, but like any of these software kind of pushy products made us to allow her to see more than we could approve. Not good imo. The great thing with Glubble is that you can actually decide yourself to what web page your child has access to. And the best, you can change these approvals with a mouse click.

    Anyway, I start to become a Glubble pusher, which I’m not.

    Just wanted to know why you as a Firefox user choose for Kidzui and missed out the recommended Glubble.

    (mom 6 and 4)

    1. Thanks for reading!

      And more thanks for the Glubble info!

      I installed Kidzui because it got a favorable review from lifehacker so I thought I’d try it. My daughter hasn’t given it a shot yet and I’m not too sure she will.

      After playing around with it a little last night I was left feeling that it’s not right for her. Too many things that require a membership and it was a little busy.

      I’ve started looking at Glubble since I read your comment and am looking forward to trying it out tonight. I just signed up!

      Thank you for the tip!!

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