Video for staff day

I have been very busy the past few weeks developing, filming and editing a video for our staff training.  A colleague (DR) and I drove to all of the library locations in our county (10) and interviewed anyone who would get in front of our camera.  Our theme is the 7 1/2 habits of life long learning and we asked different questions to different people based on those habits.  We got about 60 minutes of footage and have been able to edit it down to about 20.  We will do some more editing and hopefully get it to 15 before next week.

We will show this at staff day next week and will make it available for staff to view during the training.  It will be the first ‘thing’ for everyone to do.

I think it is pretty good for a couple of amateurs.  I’ve never done this before so it was a real learning experience.  It was also a lot of fun.  DR is a great interviewer and has a good knack for getting people to open up.

The 7 1/2 habits are:

Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind

Habit 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning

Habit 3: View problems as challenges

Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner

Habit 5: Create your own learning toolbox

Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage

Habit 7: Teach/mentor others

Habit 7 ½: Play

One thought on “Video for staff day

  1. Well, let us know how the staff training day goes. I know your planning will pay off with their positive responses and ideas. Hopefully staff training creates better staff, and I bet your efforts will accomplish exactly that. Bob

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