Presentation questions

For our one hour presentation in December we need to find a way to keep everyone’s attention, tell them about the training and get them excited about the things they will learn (or at least not hostile).

What are we going to cover?

  • Lifelong learning
  • Web tools
    • blogs/rss
    • wikis
    • social networking sites
    • flickr/youtube
  • How the program will work
    • 10-12 weeks to learn the web tools
    • how to track progress(?)
      • have them set up blogs
      • comment on a training blog/wiki
      • Is this going to be out on the internet or are we going to try to keep things in-house?

We can always use powerpoint but…ugh…another powerpoint presentation.  I guess it would be the most effective way…

Flowgram is a neat online application that is kinda like powerpoint but more interactive.  I don’t know if it would work for a presentation but it could work as an instructional tool during the training.

I’m still thinking about this and will work with the rest of the committee (thankfully) to hammer this out.  We need to do this soon so we can work out the kinks before the presentation.

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