My library system is about to undergo a major overhaul of it’s online presence in the next few months and I have been asked to help with this process. I’m very honored and happy to be apart of this! I think I’ll use this space as a way to keep myself up to date with all that we’re doing and chronicle our progress.

Part of our mission is to incorporate more 2.0 things into our website. (I really dislike the whole “2.0” tag and will instead use the term “beta” for for what libraries are going thru these days) Another part of what we are tasked to do is to educate our staff on this new webware so they will be more knowledgeable about what we will be doing once our new site is rolled out. It’s a large undertaking, thankfully we have a good IT team who are good to work with and a committee of people who are curious about new technology and willing to try the new things out. We will be borrowing from other library sytsems who have done this already but not without giving proper credit. (Why re-invnet the wheel…right?)

I would love to be able to tell you what library system I work for but until everything works out I won’t because administration, while not frowning on things like this, doesn’t really want us telling the world what we do at work. So because I REALLY love my job I think I’ll just use the generic “My library” for now.

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