Can’t take this guy seriously. Really.

Post from Vox provides yet another reason to not vote for this joker. ugh…

Presidents don’t go out and constantly “joke” about invading countries, or about their economic policies, or about their political opponents being terrorists. They tend to put thought into what they say, because the risk of being misunderstood is too high. The fact that CNN (and others) will take what you say seriously is the whole point.

Source: Donald Trump gets upset when people take his words seriously. Good quality for a president.

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One thought on “Can’t take this guy seriously. Really.

  1. DT is so adsorbed about himself. Those that think he’s for the little man aren’t able to hear anyone explaining the real story. I, personally, have given up trying to persuade them. Something tragic will have to occur for these folks to understand. That’s sad. What’s more frightening is DT might get elected.